Skiathos Geography

Skiathos is part of the group of Greek islands called the Sporades, located northwest of Evia island. It is located between the coasts of Magnesia (west) and the island of Skopelos (east) and in fact its history is strongly connected with the neighboring regions. On its west side, Skiathos is bordered by the Skiathos Channel and on its eastern side by the Skopelos Channel. Skiathos has an area of 61 sq. km. is 12 km long and 6 km wide from north to south and its perimeter is 48 km.

The geography of Skiathos distinguishes for its lush forested areas and crystal waters offering an abundance of natural beauty. The greatest part of the island is mountainous and its highest pick, Stavros, is rising at an altitude of 433 meters and is on the northern mountain called Karafiltzanaka. Skiathos has many coasts, bays, inlets, and peninsulas. The northwestern part of the island is inaccessible because of its roughness and is where the cape Kastro is located.

The south-eastern part of the island is completely different, very serene and is where Skiathos Town is situated, the capital and harbor of Skiathos, on the western side of the bay of the same name. The capes of Sozon and Gournes form the bay of Katavothras in the west. The cape of Pounta forms the famous sandy beaches of Koukounaries and Platanias in the southwest. In the northern side of the island are many beautiful caves, reachable only by boat.

Skiathos has about 5,000 inhabitants most of whom live in the capital. The economy of the island is mainly based on tourism and fishing, living far behind crop and livestock farming. Like the other Sporades, Skiathos is heavily forested with pine, plane trees, oak, and olive trees and has as well various plant species. The most forested part of the island is the eastern side and it is ecologically protected for it is recognized by entire Greece as a rare ecological habitat requiring great measures of protection.

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