Skiathos Kamara Dance

The Traditional Dance Kamara of Skiathos: Primarily an all-female dance, Kamara is one of the most famous traditional dances of Skiathos. Women wear formal and folklore Greek dresses and dance Kamara dance on the feast of Agios Georgios and on Easter. At first, Kamara was danced in great festivals in the terrace of Kastro, but when the residents moved and built their new town in a lower altitude, closer to the beach, the dance moved, too. It was now danced on the paved streets of Skiathos town and around the port.

This dance is very cheerful and, like all traditional dances, it depicts the cheerful character of the locals. It is accompanied by traditional musical instruments of the island and usually the song "the bridge of Arta" is sung to dance Kamara. This song is about a bridge that was built in the day and then destroyed in the night. It seems that every step of the dance is combined with the melody of the song, all creating a nice dancing scene.