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General information

Bariama beach Agistri: The island of Agistri is known as a family destination but it is also gifted on a couple of quiet secluded beaches, such as Bariama and Maghisa which are ideal for the natural lovers and the more loner types, one of the reasons they are not easily accessed.

Bariama can be found after Magissa, once going past Aponissos lake in north direction. This road starts in the cemetery of Agios Nikolaos and it is a very picturesque footpath along beautiful natural surroundings. Reaching Bariama beach takes just a 15 minute walk. When it comes to what Bariama beach has to offer, apart from peace and quietness, we must point out its unspoiled and wild beauty.

The deep blue waters are surrounded by a thin pebbled strip surrounded by a wide load of lush vegetation No doubt this is an ideal location for picnics, or just to read under the pines shadow or while laying on the sun. Taking into account all these features, it turns obvious that Bariama does not count on any specific tourist facilities. That is why in case of planning to spend some time on it, the most advisable thing to do may be to take enough food and water, as well as umbrellas and sun beds.

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