Kalavryta Palace of Paleologina

The Palace of Paleologina in Kalavryta, in the Peloponnese: The impressive Palace of Paleologina was believed to have been constructed by Thomas Paleologos after the destruction of the massive Frankish fortress of Geoffrey de Tournay. In 1440, Constantinos Paleologos, brother of Thomas Paleologos and Byzantine emperor, gave the castle to Princess Aikaterini Paleologou, a distant relative of them. Mr. Vasilios Tsaparas, who was the last owner of this magnificent architectural beauty, donated it to the Municipality of Kalavryta, to be used as a cultural center.

It is interesting that not even a small part of this Palace was destroyed during the Revolution War and has remained almost intact. It holds only the natural damages that time causes. Nowadays, the palace hosts several cultural activities, like exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. After its final restoration by the Laboratory of Architecture and Design, the palace has now become an important part of the cultural society of Kalavryta and many events are held there, such as exhibitions, theatre performances, and cinema screenings.