Lefkada Gaidaros beach

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General information

Spotted on the coast of western Lefkada, Gaidaros Beach in Lefkada is a pebble-filled seashore paired with some sand, showcasing fantastic, crystal-clear turquoise waters! Be aware of the large rocks inside the sea, though they are all visible from the surface. Waves on this shore are a rare occurrence, whereas it is also frequently visited by naturists!

The stunning Gaidaros is a semi-organized beach destination, having a beachside bar that serves top-tier snacks and refreshing drinks while offering some sunbeds free of charge! In addition, this beach is tough to reach since you have to drive through some rough roads or walk your way from Avali Beach and Kathisma Beach to find Gaidaros. However, it is all worth it once you reach this beautiful, secluded shore!

Gaidaros Map

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