Kythira Lykodimou beach

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General information

Lykodimou Beach Kythira: Located 25 km from Chora, the capital of Kythira, Lykodimou doesn't get frequented at all. A lovely beach with wild rocky surroundings, Lykodimou can be reached only by private means. Above the beach, there is a nice canteen serving light snacks and a refreshing drinks. The beach combines sand and pebbles and the seabed can be uncomfortable sometimes. A small cave in the middle of the beach provides shade from the sun. Due to its location on the north west of Kythira island, Lykodimou is a fabulous spot to see the sunset. The beach is easily accessed from the village of Logothetianika. The road needs extra caution as it gets quite narrow.

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 15 Oct 2016
    Clean, Pebbled and Deep
    A sentence we can repeat for most of the beaches on Kythira - clean, pebbled and deep. :)
    This one is pretty deep, with a nice sea bed and not overcrowded.
    There are no beach amenities or any facilities for miles around.

    The access could be a little tricky, because of the wonky road signs, so pay attention. The road is very narrow and careful drive is your rule number one.
  • kostaskon 29 May 2008
    Lykodimou quiet and private
    For me the best beach on Kythira is Lykodimou beach. It is actually a small cove, not a large beach, but this makes Lykodimou special and very quiet. I belive this beach is ideal for couples. You will get all the quiet and privacy you need there. The blue water and the soft sand will definitely relax you.