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Kapsali Beach Kythira: Near the picturesque village of Kapsali, that are visible from the Castle of Chora, are two twins sandy bays. The smaller one consists of small rocks and is quite remote, while the other one offers a refreshing swim at the beautiful crystal waters.

Kapsali is one of the most popular beaches of Kythira lined with restaurants and cafes. Due to its safe and pleasant environment it is quite ideal for families and children. Visitors are amazed by the stunning mountain backdrop and the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The rocky islet of Avgo (egg) can be seen offshore, forming a strange shape, reminding of Uranus genitals, thrown by Cronus in the sea from which Aphrodite roused. The locals claim that it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and desire.

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Aronis Studios are one of the nicest places in Kapsali with panoramic views of the homonymous bay and sea. The infrastructure is modern and consists of double, triple and quadruple Studios. All are spacious, bright and fully equipped to create the most ideal environment. Aronis Studios are located ...


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3 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 14 Oct 2016
    Not My Thing
    City beaches are not my thing and I never sit or swim on them.
    The only thing I can say about this one is that it is clean, as most of the beaches on the island, as well as the island itself.
  • john.lunniss 25 Jun 2011
    Family holiday
    A place for people who want an amazing relaxing holiday in a paradise setting. We love it there, have been going there since 1983 and have seen many changes, all good. Give it a try.
  • rouslanadimitri 05 Sep 2010
    Lay back and unwind
    We spent ten days in the Camping of Kapsali last month and it truly came up to our idea about Relaxing Vacations!! The beach was so great that I felt sorry I hadn't discovered this cozy little island earlier. It has soft sand, very clean water and along the beach there were nice taverns and cafeterias. Their lights created a romantic atmosphere at night. Another good thing is that the beach was organized and lit in the evenings, so we could go night swimming, which I love!!!

    Kapsali is probably the most tourist resort in Kythira (along with Agia Pelagia). But Agia Pelagia was a bit secluded from the rest of the island, while Kapsali is so close to Chora, the marvellous capital of Kythira with the impressive Venetian Castle on top and the traditional paved streets. Kapsali seemed to be the centre of all summer activities on Kythira, from nightlife in beach bars till musical concerts. The high mountain above the beach gave a wild aspect in the day and it was nice to see the sun rise beyond it.

    The camping was fine, just 2 min walk from the beach, which was a great plus for us. We rented a car for 3 days to see the island and spent the rest on the beach. There are some nice beaches in Kythira, like Melidoni and Lykodimou, and a couple of interesting sights, like the Castle and the Cave of Agia Sofia, but it is mostly an island to lay back and unwind!!! My favourite type of island...