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General information

Chalkos Beach Kythira: Chalkos is a small beach located 8 km south east of Chora, the capital of Kythira and close to Kalamos village. Chalkos beach is accessible via an irregular trail.

Chalkos beach distinguishes for its unique features, charming atmosphere and beautiful landscape. Surrounded by the imposing verdant cliffs, Chalkos is one of the most frequented beaches with unspoilt characteristics. It is often windy but it is a fabulous spot to relax and spend some nice summer vacation.

A plethora of tourist facilities are found here, most of which are found on teh left side of teh beach.The beach stretches for about 200 metres with white pebbles and crystalline waters, ideal for a refreshing swim. There is a cantine serving cold drinks and snacks.

Chalkos Map

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 15 Oct 2016
    Very busy
    Chalkos was the most overcrowded beach we visited.
    As far as I understood, it is very popular among locals, because there were many of them. And the beach is relatively small.

    It has one cafe/snack bar and amenities.

    To access the beach, you have to drive a little via dirt road that is pretty tricky (narrow).

    As most of the beaches, it is pebbled and has deep waters.
  • iliasgekk 28 Feb 2009
    In the middle of nowhere
    It was very difficult to find Chalkos on Kythira. We had to see the map, follow some signs that were not very sufficient, ask a local shepherd who couldn't speak very well because he had only a few teeth left(!!), but in the end we found it... Calm and wonderful, just before the sun sets, giving the sea beautiful orange and pink colours... Chalkos is truly a nice beach, practically in the middle of nowhere. No houses, no taverns, no hotels close by. At first time, we spent only half an hour there, because it was getting dark and maybe we couldn't find our way back in the unlightned mountain streets of Kythira. Next morning we went again and spent the whole day there, in total peace.