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With its lush and unique landscape, Kefalonia vacation offers a special holiday scene to the thousands of holidaymakers who visit its shores to experience the luxury of clear sunny skies, picturesque headlands, deserted inlets, golden bays, fir-capped mountains that slope down to peaceful bays and fantastic beaches that are spread around the island.

Although devastated by an earthquake in 1953, the island has been completely rebuilt by its people, who have successfully managed to weave old ways and modern thinking to create some of the most trendy and luxurious apartments, hotels and resorts on the island that caters to all types of holidaymakers.

Complemented by the wonderful Mediterranean weather and the clear emerald sea, the island offers fantastic holiday options at reasonable cost, and the fact, that tourism on the island is a long way from being turned into a totally commercial venture, serves to attract many tourists from both Greece and other European countries to experience the joys of a Kefalonia vacation.

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There is plenty to see in Kefalonia. You can start with the old monastery of Saint Gerasimos, which houses the mummified body of the saint, the patron saint of the island. The cave on which the monastery is built is where the saint lived and one can climb down to it using a ladder. Remains of the island’s Byzantine history can be seen in the castle of St George which became the seat of Venetian kingdom after the Venetians conquered the Turks in the sixteenth century. The castle was heavily fortified with high walls to protect people from pirates or enemy forces.

An interesting sight in Kefalonia is the Drogarati caves, located just 2 miles from Sami, and dating back to at least 150 million years. With steps leading deep down under the earth, the caves have natural paths which have been carved right through the spectacular maze of huge stalactites and stalagmites, and in summer, the caves are often used as venues to host musical concerts owing to its special acoustic effects.

An equally impressive natural formation to see is the Melissani lake, a spectacular underground lake with brilliantly colored rocks at the bottom which lends a sparkle to the deep aquamarine waters. Small row boats with guides take you on a tour of the caves that reveal ancient formations of stalactites, as well as sacred sanctuaries in the cave that was used as a place of worship.

If you fancy a short trip, there is the neighboring island of Ithaca to visit. For the hikers and trekkers, Kefalonia provides an ample opportunity to check out some impressive nature trails on Mount Aenos. Counted as the third highest in Greece, the mountain stands to a height of 1,626 meters and is home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Because of the rich biodiversity of the forest on mount Aenos, the area has been declared a National Park.

Trekking may not be the most popular activity for your Kefalonia vacations, but swimming is. The coastline of Kefalonia is dotted by amazing beaches, with crystal water and surrounded by high green cliffs. The most famous beach that all tourists visit on their vacations in Kefalonia is Myrtos, an impressive bay with gorgeous water and soft sand. This is the most photographed spot on the island. Other beautiful beaches for your Kefalonia vacation include Antisamos, Emblissi, Lourdas, Xi, and Makrigialos.

Kefalonia tourism is developed, always keeping a low profile. Accommodation options are plenty regarding Kefalonia vacation. You can choose to stay in a luxury hotel that offers a host of modern amenities or rent a villa or Greek farmhouse to have the privilege of privacy, or perhaps, rent a room in a pretty pension if you are a budget traveler. Most places have stunning views of the turquoise bays and they are located close to the golden beaches. In Kefalonia, you will also enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine which is famed for its rich variety of tasty seafood and vegetable dishes as well as exclusive brands of locally produced wine.



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