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Corfu has so many attractions to offer that you are left wondering why it took you so long to visit this beautiful island. For those who have already gone on vacations in Corfu in the past, there is no reason to list the various highlights of the trip. They have seen it all and experienced it all, yet they come back for more!

Located in the northernmost part of the Ionian Sea and the westernmost part of Greece, the island features sandy beaches and coves, dense olive groves and cypress trees, and it is one of the most enchanting places in Greece. Corfu tourism has all the ingredients in the right amounts to make a fabulous holiday experience, and they are particularly popular with British holidaymakers who come in the summer months to enjoy the hot sun and swim in the sparkling warm sea. When night falls, they head to one of the numerous taverns on the beach side for a traditional Greek meal and some groovy entertainment by Greek dancers.

While tourist development is mostly concentrated on the central side, the north and south of the island are pretty much rural and while on your Corfu vacations, one can visit villages, where the islanders are still carrying on the old way of life. Farmers in villages still use donkeys to get around and one can still find the untouched remnants of the island's Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian past among the unspoiled villages.

One of the best things about Corfu is that it comes alive in summer with a burst of greenery and attractive spring colors. If you happen to take a stroll through the countryside, you will see old olive trees gnarled with age and meadows filled with a riot of colors. A tour of the countryside during your Corfu vacation fills your senses with the scent of oranges and lemons ripening in the sun and there are also many other kinds of fruit trees growing on the island. The prickly pear, and also the kumquat, a small variety of orange with a bitter-sweet taste, only grow there.k

The main town of the island is well worth visiting on your Corfu vacation. Corfu Town has one old and one modern region, with elegant churches, cobblestone streets, and tall houses. An old fortress proudly looks over the town, while the new part is more cosmopolitan with plenty of shops. There is also an abundance of restaurants that serve traditional Greek meals at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can sit back and enjoy a nice meal in a splendid setting of fishing boats and promenades or beautiful sceneries of olive groves or cypress forests.

The available accommodation options in Corfu are great. From simple rooms in the villages to luxury hotels on the beachfront, options are aplenty. Some of the beaches also offer a wide range of watersports, particularly popular among families. The most popular beach resort is Paleokastritsa, a peninsula on the northwestern side of Corfu. It is the busiest beach on the island and many excursion boats depart from there and go to caves or secluded beaches around the island.

Other popular beach resorts are spread all over the island. From lovely fishing villages, like Kassiopi or Sidari, and family beaches, like Agios Stefanos, to organized beaches with tourist facilities like Issos or secluded beaches such as Nissaki and Agni, vacations in Corfu can suit all tastes.



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