Da Giovanni

Restaurants $$ Italian (Italian Pizza)
Town, Corfu
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A lovely Italian restaurant located in the center of Corfu town, Da Giovani Restaurant is run by Giovani, a Naples-born restaurateur who married a Corfiot lady and settled down in Corfu.

This restaurant is famous for the pasta dishes but also the appetizers, salads and seafood dishes are excellent. Linguine, a flat form of pasta which is narrow like spaghetti and which means "little tongues" in Italian, is served with clams, limpets or shrimps, and pesto, a sauce prepared from pine nuts olive oil, cheese, garlic and herbs, while spaghetti dishes are traditionally served with meat or tomato.

The meat specialties include cacciatora, a popular Italian dish with meat, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, herbs and wine. The most popular dish prepared in this style is the chicken cacciatore. The restaurant has an extensive selection of drinks and wines. A variety of liqueurs, including limoncello, an Italian liqueur popular in southern Italy and traditionally prepared from Sorrento lemons, is a must-try at the Da Giovanni.

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