Greece Yoga holidays and holistic retreats

Relaxing holidays and getting finally rid of the annoying stress is a common area for a large number of people. Yoga holidays might be the right choice for you.

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world, starting in 7-10,000 BC. It has nothing to do with religion but it is a complete ancient method for the balance between body, mind and spirit. Including techniques that unite the physical substance with the mind, it gives the possibility to contact our inner self and become full of health and tranquility.

The sense of well-being after a yoga class or meditation is incomparable. The positive way of thinking that it introduces has helped millions of people to confront diseases like asthma, arthritics, breathing problems, neck, back and waist problems, blood circulation and even hormone problems and peptic diseases. Needless to say that yoga can seriously reduce stress and other psychology-related problems.

Balance, harmony and spiritual progress are the basic goals of yoga. Those can be achieved by the 5 principles of this ancient system, including proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation.

Everybody can practice yoga from 5 years old, insuring health, flexibility, beauty and revival. If you really think that you need such a re-creation along with holidays in a beautiful place, a yoga vacation in Greece can be a perfect combination of the two!

Several amazing destinations give you the opportunity to take yoga classes and at the same time enjoy their beauty in every way. Organized travel packages for the popular islands of Santorini island, Paros island, Corfu island, Paxos island, Crete island, Kythira island and Greece mainland, Peloponnnese (Mani) offer high standard accommodation and daily yoga courses by qualified, experienced teachers. Some of them include also ceremony dinners, visits to the villages and the most interesting sites of the area. The courses can last from one to 3 or 4 weeks and are designed for those with previous yoga experience, while there are also certain courses for beginners. The size of the groups is kept quite small (about 15 people) so that each person can receive personal attention and be taught according to their ability.

Apart from the organized travel packages for yoga holidays, there are many tourist destinations in Greece offering the opportunity to practice yoga at a retreat center, a gym, on certain classes given in luxury hotels or by taking part in yoga seminars. On Mykonos, Naxos and other hot locations, you can find exactly the kind of retreat you desire.

This is a great chance to distress your mind and rejuvenate your senses... A yoga-holiday in Greece would be an incomparable combination of your inner harmony and the natural beauty of this amazing country. Is it a treatment or what?

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Yoga Holidays in Greece / Holistic retreats

Discover all Yoga retreats or check below for some of the best ones.

AmanaskA Yoga Retreats invites you to join our community for a life changing experience of growth and self-care. AmanaskA provides a unique experience of wellness, in a variety of retreats that include yoga, sound healing, meditation, plant ceremonies, dancing and holistic workshops in some of the world’s top resorts.

Premium Wellness is a highly-skilled and qualified team to be your guide along your journey to redefining your happiness. From yoga to nutrition and fitness to alternative therapies, our extensive network of experienced wellness professionals will offer you exclusive services and expert advice.

Artemis Retreats is based on Hydra. Rediscover yourself in paradise, enjoying morning yoga on a terrace with views of the Mediterranean sea and creating artistic holiday sketchbooks.

Yoga Naxos was established in Plaka Beach in Naxos by Loriën van Loenen and offers Hatha Yoga lessons since 2016 for all levels. The classes are hosted at the Medusa Resort Hotel, while there are also available private lessons too for individuals or groups. Several workshops are organized too so that the participants can indulge in harmony and meditation.

Somayoga experiences by Alexia Katsigera, a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher, based in the centre of Athens. This summer and fall, you can join Somayoga's hiking and yoga retreats in the zagori region of northern Greece, in Nysiros island in the dodekanese and in Mykonos island.

Yoga Paros is run by Oona Giesen, a Dutch yoga trainer who practises yoga since the age of eight. Her school is based on the island of Paros.

The EGG is a seminar center in Ikaria that offers yoga, massage and meditation courses. This international seminar house is found in the region of Avlaki.

Pure Fitness offers yoga and mindfulness retreats on the island of Aegina. Many classes take place outdoors in the beautiful countryside and beachside of the island.

Yoga Rocks offers yoga holidays in many yoga styles in the beach of Triopetra, southern Crete. Courses last from April till October.

Silver Island Yoga offers unique yoga experiences on the privately-owned Silver Island in Greece, located just north of Evia island.

Yoga Escapes hosts luxury yoga retreats at beautiful 5* hotels on the beach in Mykonos and Crete. They offer yoga classes outdoors by the sea, high-end spas, delicious meals and no rules on food or drinks, international groups, and all yoga levels are welcome.

Yogaloom offers summer retreats on Evia Island: yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and sunset meditation walks. Enjoy swimming and canoeing with accommodation with stanning sea views!

The Kalikalos Network has three centres offering summer programmes of holistic workshops, retreats, and alternative holidays along with a community-building experience patterned after the Findhorn Community.

IASIS: IASIS center for physiotherapy & alternative therapies, in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, offers all you need to find health, harmony & beauty. From classical physiotherapy to holistic energy treatments & acupuncture.

Fykiada Retreats: Immerse into the white of the Cyclades in luxury seaside villas. Rise and shine through daily yoga practice. Treat yourself to a Greek inspired culinary experience catered by food experts.

Divine Retreats offer tailor made retreats and holidays in divine locations in Greece - from yoga to raw food and art to healing with horses to family singing holidays.

Abeliona Retreat has a brand new Yurt of 80 sq.m. fully equipped for yoga, meditation and other therapeutic workshops. It stands at 850m of Arcadian mountains receiving the healing energy from the Temple of Apollo Epicurius.

Siva Om is welcoming all yoga enthusiasts who wish to experience traditional Indian yoga and meditation practices from first hand. They offer classes in Athens and retreats in different places of Greece.

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