Relaxation holidays in Greece & the islands

People come to Greece mostly to relax. They need to lay under the hot sun, swim in crystal beaches and forget all their life troubles. Apart from the ancient civilization and the hot weather, Greece is connected to carefree, relaxing holidays.

The beach is the best place for relaxation holidays in Greece. Families enjoy long hours on the beach with children making sand castles, young tourists spend the day on the beach bars and others are looking for secluded places to enjoy their privacy. Many hotels are found just few steps from the beach, making the access easy, while others also have pools for both adults and children.

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Apart from sea swimming, a very relaxing and rejuvenating activity is to try thermal baths. In fact, thermal springs in Greece have been recorded since the ancient times and contain mineral elements that treat many diseases. Some thermal springs are open air, while others are commercialized by hotels. Famous thermal springs for relaxation holidays in Greece are found in Santorini, Loutraki, Kaiafas, Killini, Pozar, Kythnos, Ikaria and elsewhere. A bath in these mineral springs is refreshing and rejuvenating.

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