Greece Geotourism holidays

Greece is fast becoming the center of a revolutionary new concept. The term Geotourism and its concept is an effort to bring together nature and culture, giving the best the result to visitors fond of this kind of holidays. With nearly 6,000 islands and islets, apart from the beautiful Greek mainland, Greece has a lot to offer visitors in this domain.

Ranging from rocky mountains and deep gorges to stunning volcanoes, Greece has it all. The wide range provided, combined with the Mediterranean climate and rich culture of Greece makes it an ideal location for geotourism holidays. With the ever-increasing modernization, people are now looking for new and refreshing experience that brings them again in touch with nature. The concept of geotourism holidays in Greece has now extended onto geoparks, with many organized tours available, which take people to a number of places depending on the package they have opted for.

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Information about geotourism holidays

One of the most famous geoparks in Greece is the Petrified Forest in the island of Lesvos island. Either the option of an organized tour is open for visitors, or they can visit these parks on their own, which will give them more time and flexibility. The Petrified Forest has a lot to offer visitors with the Petrified Forest Park museum, which makes for a very interesting exploration. Providing a wide array to visitors, the park is famous among trekkers, as ample paths are available here.

The Vikos Aoos National Park, located in Vikos Gorge, in Zagoria Epirus, belongs also to the popular Greek geotourism destinations. The Vikos Gorge is listed as the deepest gorge in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, among others. Numerous species of mammals, fish and birds could be found in this spectacular park, while the forests are composed of diverse species of flora.

Apart from geoparks, 400 geological sites have been identified by the Aegean Ministry, which are all located on several islands on the Aegean Sea. One of the most visited places is the volcano of Santorini, with the famous Caldera (the volcano's crater) being the landmark of the island.

The Samaria Gorge on Crete Island is another sample of vast rock formations and rich flora and fauna and can for sure be included in your list with the top geo-destinations. Samaria Gorge will fascinate visitors with the vast rock formations and the rich flora and fauna, while it also contains some very rare animal species.

The Ionian Sea is not excluded from the geotourism locations. The Lake Korission in Corfu island is a characteristic example and one of the last remaining bio-topes here. The beautiful location is breathtaking and will refresh and calm your senses, while the 126 species of birds that visit this lake, are an added bonus.

For lovers of water, the waterfalls and stunning rocks of Edessa, Northern Greece, are another good option. Full of little streams, small and big waterfalls, the vast agricultural plain offers a quite untouched territory to observe and explore.

With so many options open to visitors, Greek geotourism holidays is fast becoming the holiday of choice for many visitors.

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