Map of Epirus

Discover our Map of Epirus, in Greece but also maps of many locations of the region: The region of Epirus is geographically located on the northwestern side of Greece. From the north, it borders with Albania, so it constitutes the northwestern borders of the country. Epirus is mostly a mountainous region, as it hosts the largest mountain chain in Greece, Pindus. As you can see on our map of Epirus, it only borders with the sea from the western side, where popular tourist places have developed, including Parga and Sivota.

The largest town of Epirus is Ioannina, while Igoumenitsa is among the busiest ports of the country, serving as a gateway between Greece and Italy. As it is geographically secluded from the rest of Greece, Epirus has developed very unique ways of life and traditions that survive till today.

This section proposes an Epirus map with all the major locations of the region. You can also get informed about the Geography.

View an image map or the interactive map below:

Map Of Epirus