Epirus Festivals

Information about the Festivals in Epirus, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many locations of the group: Many festivals take place in Epirus all year round. All villages celebrate their patron saint at the village square with traditional dancing, food, and wine. Many cultural festivals also take place in various venues.
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Religious festivals

August 15th

August 15th is the largest religious celebration of summer and in many spots of Epirus, there are churches dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin. The evening before, a litany takes place around the village and a popular panigiri in the village square with traditional dancing, wine, and food.

Cultural events

Festival of Dodoni

Many events take place in summer in the ancient theatre of Dodoni, 22 km from Ioannina Epirus. These events include performances of ancient drama, musical concerts, and dance performances.

Kanaria Festival in Parga

The Kanaria Festival is celebrated in Parga on August 14th to commemorate the return of the residents from Corfu, where they had migrated in the 19th century, after the sale of their town to the Turks. People arrive with small boats in the port of Parga where there is a nice feast with traditional music and food.

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