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Petra village Lesvos: Petra is a large coastal settlement stretched along a beautiful bay. It is located 55 km northwest of Mytilene in a lush green environment with plenty of vegetation. The village is named after the rock dedicated to Virgin Mary Glikophilousa, that stands proudly at the center of the traditional settlement. You can reach the top of the rock by climbing 114 steps carved to the stone. It offers magnificent views from this spot all the way to the coast of Asia Minor.

The village displays lovely traditional houses with unique architectural style and well-preserved mansions built couple centuries ago. The paved streets and the quaint paths lead to wonderful souvenir shops and restaurants which are very close to the beach.

The village of Petra distinguishes for its natural beauty as well as the tourist infrastructure that keeps developing through the years. A special monument in Petra is the Mansion of Vareltzinais built in the early 18th century. It is built according to Macedonian architecture with woodcarving details and painting decoration.

Close to the village is a magnificent beach with azure waters and soft sand. It is fully organized with umbrellas and sundecks, offering all the modern facilities for water sports and beach games. You will find a wide range of accommodation like hotels and apartments that suit all budgets. During summer, the cultural centre organizes the Petrino Kalokairi, a nice event that includes many festivals and traditional exhibition.

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