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General information

Agiassos village Lesvos: The picturesque village of Agiassos lies 24 km west of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos. Today it counts on 3000 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in trade. Agiassos is one of the most beautiful villages in Lesvos, nestled in the verdant slopes of Mount Olymbos with a view to the endless sea. The village preserves its customs and traditions as well as the traditional layout with beautiful stone built houses and flowered balconies which compose an impressive scenery.

The biggest part of the village is ideal for hiking adventures due to its enchanting landscape, a vast area of olive and pine trees. Agiassos is famous for its potteries and wooden carvings that can be found in the numerous art shops. Accommodations, traditional taverns and cafes are available at Agiassos.

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1 Review
  • janeso 25 Sep 2010
    Buy olive oil to take home
    Agiassos was the most beautiful village on Lesvos for me! A mountainous village but very picturesque. Obviously a lot of visitors shared my opinion because both times we went there the streets were full. Obviously the local tradition is ceramics and pressing the olive oil. Generally Lesvos has many olive oil groves and produces the best virgin oil every autumn. In fact, the salads we tried had very delicious sweet oil! We bought a couple of bottles in Agiassos to take home and tried the taverns in the square. Amazing dishes, the best on the island. Houses were tall and attached one to the other, also they had no balconies, which is rather strange for Greece. Agiassos has lovely churches, the most beautiful is the church of Virgin Mary in the square. A baptism took place there one afternoon and we were happy to attend the event (even if we were not invited)!