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Lesvos is inhabited since the prehistoric years and many Neolithic settlements have been found in the surrounded regions. During the Geometric era, the locals were mainly involved in agriculture but during the Byzantine years, the island was greatly flourished as a trade center. Several buildings still stand in the heart of the city.

Due to its long recorded history, the island has several museums the most important being the Archaeological Museum. The exhibition consists of findings from the prehistoric to Roman times. Of unique interest is the Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum in Chidira which is fully equipped with the painter's works. A great collection of Byzantine icons and ecclesiastical items can be found in the Byzantine Museum of Lesvos.

Levos is famous for its excellent ouzo, a local drink and visitors can enjoy a lovely tour at the Barbayannis Ouzo Museum of the distillery, in Agia Paraskevi. There you will see the production facilities and the traditional means that were used for the making of Greek ouzo. Mytilene is home to smaller museums like the Folklore Museum with various items from the traditional history of Lesvos. Equally interesting is the Fossil museum, at the entrance of the Petrified Forest and the Museum of Olive Oil production.

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Natural History Museum

The Museum of the Petrified Forest was founded in 1994. Its mission is the research, promotion, display, preservation, protection, and all other suitable exploitation of the unique forest.
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The World of Ouzo Museum


The World of Ouzo Museum of Isidoros Arvanitis is located in a wonderful olive grove just a few minutes from the village of Plomari. This distillery, with more than 120 years of function, has a long tradition in ouzo production and exports its ouzo to 30 countries around the world.

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Barbayannis Ouzo Museum

This museum actually works as a distillery and presents the process of producing ouzo, a traditional beverage of Lesvos. You can also taste and buy ouzo there, the traditional beverage of Lesvos.
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Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene is housed in two buildings, close one to the other. It hosts findings from excavations performed all over the island, such as small statues, Prehistoric items, parts of ancient temples, coins, jewelry, and others.
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Vranas Olive Press Museum


Vranas Olive Press Museum is a beautiful industrial building of unique architectural value. It was built By Nikolaos Vranas, the grandfather of the poet Odysseas Elytis, and it operated until the early 1970s

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Iakovidis Digital Museum

The Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum is the first fully equipped digital art museum in Greece located at the painter's birthplace in the mountainous village of Chidira Lesvos. Ever since its opening in 2008, the museum has become an important attraction for the region.
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Theophilos Museum

This museum was founded in 1965 by Stratis Eleftheriades. It houses 86 paintings by Theophilos, a local folk painting, that belonged to his personal collection.
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Municipal Art Gallery

The Municipal Art Gallery is housed in an old typical mansion that belonged to Halim Bey. The gallery hosts one a valuable art collection.
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Museum of Olive Oil Production

Agia Paraskevi
Located in the village of Agia Paraskevi, central Lesvos, the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production is housed in an old communal olive press. It aims to present the technological development in olive oil production along centuries.

Folklore Museum

Housed in the renovated building of the old Port Authority of Mytilene, this museum houses various items related to the history and culture of Lesvos, such as everyday life objects, traditional costumes, clay vessels as well as rare book editions and manuscripts.

Traditional House

The Traditional House in Pamfila village is actually a folklore museum created by the Women Association of the village. Pamfila is found 7 km to the north of Mytilene and 2 km from Moria. The museum includes wooden furniture, old photographs, tools, textiles, and other items.
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Byzantine Museum

This museum opened its doors in 1978. It houses some rare Byzantine icons as well as vestments of priests, pieces of screens from various churches, manuscripts, ecclesiastical books, and other items.

Fossil Museum

This interesting museum is located right at the entrance of the Petrified Forest, 12 km from Sigri. It presents the evolution of plants on Earth from 3,5 billion years ago till the appearance of developed plants.

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