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General information

Kokkina beach Lemnos: Kokkina is one of the most isolated beaches in Lemnos located 11 km south of Myrina, the island's capital, close to the cape of Fakos in the Kondias bay. Fakos is an ecological park and is about 11 km away from the capital city. In the head of Kondias bay there is the beach of Diapori where dining facilities are available. From Diapori, a 7km long dirt road is leading the way to the beach of Kokkina. The location is ideal for long hours of peaceful swimming and sun bathing.

Even though that the trip to the beach is a bit tiring, it is worth a try. The area around the bay is quite unknown to tourists thus you will enjoy some unique moments in total privacy. Its thin reddish sand (from where it got its name kokkina, (meaning red in Greek) and turquoise waters in combination with the wild rocky landscape covered in greenery is quite mesmerizing. Enjoy the calmness and tranquility here far away from the usual crowd.

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