Lemnos Papias beach

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General information

Papias Beach Lemnos: Papias is a picturesque cove surrounded by few greenery and located 18 km northeast of Myrina Town. Papias is a historical area, as few remains of the Medieval era exist here. It is a rather small sandy beach with crystal waters, known as an excellent fishery location and an isolated place, away from the cosmopolitan crowds of the capital.

The beach is surrounded by steep verdurous cliffs creating an ideal environment for relaxation. The water is clean and the cove is protected from the winds. However, the access to the beach is not easy. The existing road is not well maintained but the natural beauty will surely compensate visitors.



1 Review
  • Luminita 27 Jun 2021
    Papias beach
    The beach is nice, not exceptional and also the road is not quite good...5 km offroad ...a 4x4 car is recommended....