Museums in Patmos

Blessed with natural beauty, Patmos is a small and sacred island, known worldwide as the place where Saint John wrote the Book of Apocalypse. The most important archaeological findings were traced in the region of Kasteli and bear witness to the first flourishing period of the island, during the 4th century BC.

Considering the religious significance of Patmos, the island is home to a well-equipped Ecclesiastical Museum which lies in the Monastery of Saint John. Its varied collection consists of many vessels and jewelry, handmade vestments, holy icons, and rare books.

At the center of Chora, guests can visit the Folklore Museum of Patmos which highlights the traditional aspect of the island through a great collection of old-fashioned items like family relics, paintings, photos, and other items. The museum is housed in a 17th-century mansion.

Ecclesiastical Museum

This museum is located in the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Chora Patmos. It is a small museum housing all the treasures of the monastery, including valuable icons, ecclesiastical ornaments, embroideries, superb icons and clothing of priests.

Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Patmos is housed in Simantiri Mansion, Chora, which was constructed in 1625. It hosts furniture, paintings, photographs, family relics, and other valuable items.

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