Leros War Museum Tunnel

Location: Lakki

The War Museum of Leros, Dodecanese: Opened in 2005, the Leros War Museum is situated in Lakki and constitutes a testament to the weapons of mass destruction and loss of human life in the Second World War. Leros was regarded as a corridor of the Mediterranean and was first under the fascist regime of Italy for 31 years, during which the Italians had established strategic naval bases on the island. During the Second World War, Leros was heavily bombed by the British Royal Air Force and later on, it suffered heavy aerial bombardment and assaults from German troops.

The War Museum is housed in an old tunnel that was built by the Italians during the Second World War. It hosts a fine collection of exhibits, including guns, bombs, helmets, uniforms as well as documentation and other audio-visual material relating to the battle of Leros. The museum is open to visitors in the morning.

Map Of War Museum Tunnel

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