Leros Paleokastro

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Location: Ksirokambos

The Paleokastro in Xilokambos Leros: Xirokambos is an old seaside village. There lies the oldest castle in the history of Leros, the famous castle of Lepida (Paleokastro) found above the settlement. Paleokastro or Kastro ton Lepidon is located at the far end of the village, on top of a hill, 70 meters above the sea. Older than the Kastro tis Panagias in Agia Marina, Paleokastro was built on the ruins of an ancient acropolis, dating from 2,500 B.C. Within its walls is the church of Panagia, that dates back to the 4th Century AD. Today one can see its forecourt and a half-destroyed mosaic. According to archeologists, the walls to the north-east are Cyclopean. The reason given is that the stones are square and each one weighs about 500 kilos.



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