Leros War Memorial

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Location: Lakki

The War Memorial in Lakki Leros: The War Memorial in Lakki, Leros, commemorates the attack of German bombers on the Greek destroyer Vasilissa Olga (Queen Olga), during the Second World War. The ship was sunk in the Gulf of Lakki on September 26th, 1943, killing its commander, 6 officers, 65 sailors and other members of the crew. The monument is located at the waterfront of Lakki, against a backdrop of buildings belonging to the period of the Italian occupation of Leros. It is a moving reminder of the battle of Leros in 1943 against the German and the Italian conquerors.

Every year, a three-day memorial service and a naval festival with a memorial parade, beginning on the 26th of September, are held in memory of the sinking of HMS Queen Olga. Navy guards, musicians, locals, and school children take part in the festivities. Close to the war monument, there is another memorial dedicated to the British warship HMS Intrepid that was sunk on the day following the sinking of HMS Queen Olga.



2 Reviews
  • Donald 06 Jul 2023
    My father was on the Intrepid
    My father was on the Intrepid,mentioned in despaches for action on Intrepid sinking
  • KEITH UPTON 18 Sep 2021
    Moving ceremony
    It is always a moving ceremony.. in past years there have been italian and British veterans. Sadly now they are too elderly to travel. Names of the Greek sailors are read out and a volley of rifle shots ring out. I shall be going again to the 79th anniversary.