Leros Local products

Leros is known as the fishermen island and offers a great amount of fresh fish. It is the traditional product of Leros cooked in many ways. In the old days, due to the huge amount of fish, there was on the island, locals were not able to sell them so they salted and dried the fish. Since then kipper fish are the best delicacies for ouzo (local drink) and salads. Leros is also known for the mizithra cheese which is combined with oil and other products.

Leros specializes in local cheeses: mizithra (made of oil, ash, and bran) and tsitsiri, which have a strong and unique taste. Fresh fish can be found in abundance on Leros and are tastefully cooked according to the local way: fish with rosemary or wine, octopus baked on coals and sea-hedgehogs. The products of Leros also include fresh golden honey as well as a soft drink called soumada, which is made of bitter almond. Locals are also making fine hand-woven fabrics, embroideries, and ceramics.