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Located between Kalymnos and Patmos, Leros island is another place ideal for those who crave for most absolute tranquillity on a beautiful island. Having a coastline 71 km long as well as a mountainous topography, it offers a number of gulfs and beaches, some of them with some vegetation.

In general terms, the villages of Leros are the typical Aegean villages in this specific area and are scattered all around the volcanic area, from which there is rather high visibility towards other neighboring islands. Its waters also have great visibility, as it is usually easy to see distant points located as far as 30 or 45 meters deep. Tourists enjoy visiting the several shipwrecked warships and tankers, a result of World War II.

They also enjoy sunbathing and bathing in the warm waters. There are many underwater caves to explore on Leros, which is why the island is developing as a diving destination. Most tourists also enjoy local festivals, full of typical music and traditional dances.


16 Reviews
  • afrogr 09 Jul 2010
    Lovely seaside villages
    We stayed at Platanos, the capital of Leros, a very charming town with stunning views of the bays and fishing villages below. We climbed uphill to the Kastro, passing by lovely houses bathed in colorful blooms whose scents filled the hillside path leading up to the Kastro.

    The castle was a Byzantine fortress which was used as a military observation post. We visited the church of Kyra tou Kastrou inside the castle. There were at least 370 steps up the winding road to the Kastro- took the wind out of our sails. We climbed down and sat for a while at the Platanos Cafe, a perfectly relaxing place on the edge of Platanos Square.

    In the afternoon, we walked to Agia Marina, the seaside quarter of Platanos and a picturesque village with narrow streets either side of which stood pretty white houses with wooden or stone balconies decked with brightly colored flowers.

    We also walked to the charming seaside village of Panteli. The pebbled beach of Panteli was lined with taverns and we sat outside one of them (Zorbas), a quaint one and typically Greek. We watched the goings on at the tiny fishing harbor at the end of the beach and saw the fishermen tend to their nets and colorful fishing boats. The seafood was great and an astounding variety too- octopus, prawns, squid, and other fish. Some live lobsters in a tank outside the tavern looked very appetizing indeed.

    One day, we took the bus to Lakki (4km from Platanos) to check out the largest natural harbor in Greece. Also visit the War Museum outside Lakki, which is housed in a real war tunnel.
  • laura 12 Feb 2010
    Nice wrecks for diving
    We went to Leros three years ago with a group of scube divers. My husband is diving and apparently this is one of the developing scuba diving destinations in Greece. He usually goes to Naxos or Corfu to dive, but as he said Leroswas very interesting, too! Apparently there are many old shipwrecks in the sea bottom around the island and divers love to discover new wrecks!

    While he was busy with his fish and submerged ships, I rented a motorbike and went swimming. Alinda, Agia Marina and Xirolambos were nice, sandy beaches. There were not many people in June so they came up very relaxing. I was impressed by the war museum near the port and I loved the promenade up to the Castle in Padeli.

    In the evenings, all the group we had dinners in small taverns by the sea and the moon was reflecting on the water!! It was such a lovely island, like all places in Greece. I am always happy if we spent summers in the Greek islands. We come back home with a wonderful feeling of relaxation.
  • alessio_s 19 Nov 2009
    Put variety in menus
    Holidays on Leros can be combined with visiting other close islands, like Kalymnos or Patmos. At least, that is what we did. We went to Leros by plane and then hopped by boat to these two islands. There are boats every day and the trip will not take more than an hour.

    Leros is a quiet island with very beautiful and wild landscape. We stayed in Agia Marina, where most hotels are found. This is also the most popular beach on Leros. Pandeli is famous for the castle and walking there in the evening is a relaxing experience. Alinda has a lot of bars, so best for the youth.

    You will find a lot of nice taverns in Leros but I ish there was more variety in the menu. This is the only problem with food in Greece: everything is excellent, but all taverns seem to have the same dishes. Maybe Greek chefs should have more imagination and add local dishes in the menu. In Leros, it is a must to sit in the restaurant next to the windmill in Agia Marins, but you can also find delicious restaurants everywhere else.
  • los45 05 Sep 2009
    Every day is a pleasure
    We like it that Leros is so beautiful and unspoilt. We visited the island for the third time this summer so pretty much we knew where to stay, where to go or what to do. For us, every day on Leros is a pleasure! We travel with two kids with us and we feel safe to let them run around or play in the sea. We generally feel safe in every small Greek island, except for the very popular.

    In Leros, we always stay in Agia Marina in Maria Studios and we usually swim there. In the evening, you can climb up the Castle or just read a magazine in the lovely square of Platanos. Give a try to the restaurant by the mill in Agia Marina, its location is the highlight of Leros. We always have good food in Greece, the entire family loves it. Maybe the prices should go down a bit, to attract even more tourists.

    Also visit the War Museum close to the port. It is located in the woods and actually we learned about it this summer. Why don't you advertise it more? The museum is housed in underground corridors that were used as storehouses in second world war. It is a special experience and I am glad that my kids lived it and learned something more about history.
  • adelisa245 03 Jul 2009
    Windy and romantic
    Leros was just I expected it, a nice tiny island. We spent three days in Leros and another three days in Patmos this summer and loved both places. Greece always surprises me with the different landscapes. Every island has something different and doesn't look like the other. Lerosin particular was very windy and had very few greenery. The soil was very wild and stony. Walk to the castle in Pandeli but go in the evening because in the day it is too hot. Stay there to see the sunset.

    For nightlife, the place to be is Alinda. There are some clubs there in a row along the seaside, all young people go there when it gets dark and stay till the morning. I saw some lovely beach parties there and teenagers swimming at night, singing with guitars and laughing loud. Really nice atmosphere!! Beaches on Leros was fine and clean, but not very sandy, actually they were a mixture of sand and pebbles. Food was great in every single restaurant.
  • garrecel 17 Dec 2008
    Mostly famous for its sights
    The top thing on Leros are the villages and the food, not the beaches. Most beaches are isolate and rocky, so I didn't swim much during the four days I stayed on the island. However, I saw many lovely sights. The Castle was very beautiful. You will probably not find many tourists up there, especially if it is summer, so you can sit and enjoy the view for as long as you want. Another great place to see is the War Museum, which is actually set in the real undergound place where the battles were held. Really interesting and spooky! The rest of the island is great for walking around, with a cold drink at one hand and a camera on the other.
  • hugo995 27 Oct 2008
    Many picturesque places to walk
    I personally loved Leros! We went there for a weekned from Rhodes, but I wish we had stayed more. There aren't many sights to see, except for the Castle mainly and the War Museum in Lakki, but there are many picturesque places to walk around, as the path with the windmills that leads to the Castle and the sea marina to the church of Agios Isidoros at the sunset. Truly romantic scene! The beaches on Leros are not the best as they are short and too pebbled, but that was no problem to us, as the island had so many other beauties that you will not miss swimming.
  • jackdawdoesebay 26 Aug 2008
    Re Nothing special
    Of course Leros hasn't got the beaches these more commercialised islands do. Leros is not a sit on the beach all day island, there is more culture out there. I do suggest if you want a beach to sit on all day, then take yourself off to beach crowded Kos or Crete etc. Leros was never famed for its nightlife or tourism but for the shear beauty of its simplicity and the fantastic tavernas with food geared up for locals, a flying visit by boat for a day on the island is not enough to capture the culture of the island and the warmth of its islanders.
  • afrogr 05 Jun 2008
    Nothing special
    No great beaches on Leros. It is a nice island to relax and enjoy a day in the sun walking or driving, but its beaches have nothing to compare with the endless, sandy beaches of other islands. For me, the best was Alinda because it was somehow broader but still it had a long way to reach the organized beaches of Rhodes or Kos, for example.
  • lolita29 07 Apr 2008
    I want to go back
    We had never heard of Leros until two friends spent a week there last year and recommended us to go. It was indeed a great island. I have to say I didn't enjoy the beaches very much because they were quite rocky but the whole vide of Leros hit me the moment I stepped foot on the island. We stayed in Alinda, a traditional fishing village which unfortunately had no ATMs and this caused us some problems since we had to go to Platanos to withdraw money. However, all the rest was excellent. Great food, hospitable people, lovely countryside. Leros is certainly an island I want to go back some day.
  • Mike_Tittens 04 Dec 2007
    Quiet peaceful unspoilt
    Quiet, peaceful, unspoilt. Too many Greek islands think that tourists want discos, cheap alcohol and noise. We come to Greece for the pleasure of Greek culture and the joy of meeting Greek people. Stop trying to attract the same type of tourists as the
    other islands. A certain type of tourist will like what Leros has to offer. The lower orders that like noise and beer will go elsewhere. The only other things that I could recommend is to develop the Roman pharos and protect it a little more. I know that the Dept of Antiquities don't help much but Leros has a lot of history to boast of.
    Enjoy Leros for what it is not what it could be turned
    into. Too many Greek islands have been turned into concrete hells with bovine foreign tourists demanding hamburgers and beer for breakfast. Food was magnificent. The entire family loves Greek food. We never had a bad meal. Leros is still relatively normal with a normal community drinking coffee with the morning papers on Platanos square. Vromolithos is nice and quiet and peaceful. Keep it that way and we'll be back.
  • trishlux 10 Oct 2007
    Undeveloped and peaceful
    We loved this island because at that time it was so undeveloped and peaceful. No night life except excellent taverns beautiful quiet beaches and the friendliest people. At the time we visited it was very quiet but not too quiet, there were lots of local bars and taverns. We ate out every evening and were never disapointed. The local restaurants were all overlooking or actually situated on the beach. Fresh fish and local dishes excellent value. The local history is very interesting and I was lucky to be shown around the maternity hospital. The island is difficult to get to and not available to many travel organisations. We have been wanting to revisit and have found it difficult.
  • jackdawdoesebay 31 Aug 2006
    Leros is my Favourite Island
    Nationality: British

    Date on the island: July 24 2006

    Countries visited: >10-15

    The trip: I used a ferry boat to get there Superfast Ferries. I had a very good trip without delays.

    Reasons for going to Leros: I visit Leros Island very regularly as I enjoy all Greek Islands I have visited but Leros
    is my favourite.

    Idea before arriving: I knew that the Island was not big on tourism, that was a bonus for me but the Island needs some tourism to help it tick over, it doesn?t have the best beaches in the Greek Island but Gourna beach is shallow and sandy, the council are stepping up there efforts in improving the look of the island and it is well worth a visit for that get away from it all and it really is a very quiet island

    - Island/area: 10/10

    - Landscapes: 10/10

    - Tree Covered: 6/10 not many trees

    - Beaches & waters: 8/10 getting better

    - Cleanliness: 1010

    - Villages: 10/10

    - Main Town: 10/10

    - Food/ restaurants: 10/10

    - Nightlife: NA

    - Local people: 10/10

    - Accommodation: 10/10 clean and very hospitable

    - Activities: 10/10

    - Excursions: NA

    - Sightseeing: 10/10

    - Prices: 10/10 excellent

    - Public Transportation: NA

    - Authenticity 10/10

    - Peace & quiet 10/10

    - Weather 10/10

    Best Beaches : Gourna is great for the kids and Alinta

    Best Villages : Xerocambos Panteli Gourna:

    Best Bar/Pub/Club : Niks tukka bar,Panteli, Mama Maria Pizza,

    Negative opinion: No because they have it under hand as far as I could see, they are improving the paths and lighting and cleaning up too

    Recommendations: If you want to get away from it all with a step into the past with a twist of the present then this is the place for you, Leros really is my favourite Island

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 10/10
  • renefene 14 Nov 2005
    Real Greek way of living
    Nationality: Netherlands

    Age: 40

    The trip: We arrived by plane to the island of Kos and boat from Kos to Leros.

    Reasons for going to Leros: Leros is a very beautiful and quiet island of Greece. We like the Greek way of living and we like the friendly greek people. On Leros Island it is not full with west-European tourists. We come for the Greek people.

    Idea before arriving: We know the island very good. This is our third time in a row on Leros.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, very much everything is so relaxed and not so fast and busy Holland. For us, Leros is the best! The other islands are also great, for example Ithaca/ Kefalonia/ Alonissos/ Skopelos/ Corfu/ Karpathos/ Kalymnos/ Patmos etc... but Leros is the best.

    The beaches of the island are very beautiful especially Vromolitos and Xerokambos.

    The food is excellent specialy the food at Dimitri (Alinda) and pemteli on the beach.

    Favorite thing about Leros: The favourite thing about Leros is the quietness, so Greek and not so full of West European tourists, friendly people.

    Negative opinion: No negative opinion except the Old Ship between Lakki and Xerokambos.

    Recommendations: When you love pure Greek way of living, quiet and beautiful come to Leros to enjoy it.

    I hope we will go there again, when possible.
  • fuller 06 Oct 2005
    Nice place to be
    Nationality: English

    Age: 70&65

    The trip: By plane from Athens, the trip was excelent.

    Reasons for going to Leros: My neice lived on the island for 8 years and we fell in love with it on our first visit on 1986.

    Idea before arriving: The first time we came we knew very little about the island.

    Expectations and opinions: It met our expectations and more. It is very nice plave to be. It is very good for families and a very safe place for children.

    Favorite thing about Leros: The food and the friendlyness of the people.

    Negative opinion: The traffic and the poor roads..

    Recommendations: See all you can. Visit historic places and enjoy your visit.

    We will go there again and again.
  • alan_et 25 Sep 2005
    Worth a visit
    I went to Leros with my wife and son.

    We had found from the internet a pension located in the capital of the island; more precisely it was in the old part of the capital, which is also the most beautiful part and the most traditional; the new part, where the port is, is quite touristy and lacks a bit of charm.

    In the old part of the village we made some nice walks and found some very beautiful mansions and some very picturesque streets and squares. The restaurants were good and served excellent food and you could find a lot of cafes and bars playing various kinds of music.

    We also went to some lovely sandy beaches and to some secluded coves.

    We rented a car to do a round of the island and discovered a gentle countryside and various impressive bays with a superb view. I think it was a great experience for all of us and a very enjoyable stay. Leros is really worth a visit while in Greece.