Kos Festivals & Cultural Events

Of high interest are the religious feasts and folklore celebrations in Kos reviving some of the island's old customs and traditions. Part of Kos folklore legacy is shown through the charming events which are organized to honor the patron saints and attract many visitors.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 29th
On 28th of August, the feast of Agios Ioannis is celebrated in Mastichari village.

April 23rd
On the 23rd of April, locals celebrate the name day of Agios Georgios in Pyli village. On that day there are horse races in Afendiou and plenty of food.

Cultural events

Wine Festival
In the first week of August, a wine festival is held in Mastichari village.

Hippokrateia Festival
Hippokrateia Festival is the most important cultural event in Kos island organized by the local municipality. The reading of the Hippocratic oath marks the beginning of the festival which is focussed in all forms of art including concerts, theatrical performances, folklore exhibitions, ancient tragedies, sculpture workshops, traditional dances and many activities for the children.