Kos Local products

Handmade Fine Art

The island of Kos produces fine porcelains, ceramics, jewelry, and weaving. The villages of Antimahia and Asfendiou are specialized in handmade weaving.

Local dishes

Various delicious dishes can be tasted in Kos, such as the pork cooked with cracked wheat, the krasotiri (cheese cooked with wine), the xinomitzithra (soured local cheese), galomitzithra (milky local cheese), stuffed vegetables, wild rabbit with onions, zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, grain bread as well as local meat, fish and shellfish cooked in various ways.


Various traditional Greek sweets can be found in Kos, such as the famous baklava, the loukoumades (sort of honey puffs), halva with honey and the kourabiedes (shortbread biscuits with almonds and castor-sugar). Local sweets such as sarsoumades with honey, fruits in syrup and xerotigana (fried pastry) are also worth trying. The honey production is rich in the villages of Kefalos and Antimahia.


The wines served in Kos include resin, white or sweet red.

Herbs and Spices

Various tasty spices and herbs with an incredible aroma can be found in Kos, such as chamomile, mint, sage, cinnamon, and oregano.