Sikinos Local products

Since ancient times, Sikinos has been popular for its wine. Of great interest is the fact that during those times Sikinos was called Oenoe, a word derived from the Greek word for wine (oenos). The locals have been cultivating wine for many centuries. The indigenous wine of Sikinos is the favorite of tourists. Apart from wine, here you will get another local drink called raki, which reminds tsipouro a bit. Sikinos does not have many agricultural products. The rocky and scrubby land is not ideal for agricultural activities.

The top products of Sikinos are olive, honey and fig. The villagers are expert in collecting and preserving pure honey. Some of the villagers earn their living through livestock farming. Hence, you can get delicious locally made cheese, red wine and pasteli (a sweet of sesame seeds baked in honey). Most of the villagers are involved in maritime activities to make their living. That is why the Islanders can enjoy a good variety of fresh seafood.

The villagers have a thorough knowledge about the sea season and they have developed their own tactics to catch the best fish at the best time. For example, during the period from August to December, the villagers hunt for squids every night using a special kind of bait called kaftero.