Sikinos Geography

Between Ios and Folegandros, on the southern side of Cyclades, lies one of the least-populated Greek islands, Sikinos. With a total surface of less than 40 and a coastline of 41 km, Sikinos has a population of only 230 permanent inhabitants. Keeping its traditional vibes and a gorgeous Cycladic environment, Sikinos is gradually developing as a destination for pure and calm vacations. The port of the island is Alopronoia, a small bay on the southern side.

The geography of Sikinos has created a beautiful destination with beaches and relaxing spots which give a great view of the sea. Following a narrow and windy road of about 4 km north of the port, visitors reach Chora, the capital village. Built on the shores of a hill and with a gorgeous view of the island, Chora is one of the most authentic villages of Cyclades. The landscape around Chora distinguishes for its hilly spots and ample vineyards. In fact, Sikinos is famous for its wine production all through its history. The most organized and popular beach on the island is the beach right at the port.

Sandy and clean, this coast is close to all the tourist facilities of Sikinos. The rest of the beaches are not organized at all and they are difficult to access by car. Visitors go there either on foot or by boat. The landscape in these beaches is wild and they are surrounded by much greenery.

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