Introduction & General Information

Sikinos island is a tiny island in the southern Cyclades between the islands of Ios and Folegandros. Because of its size, it is ideal for a pleasant and peaceful holiday. The island has a dry and somehow rocky landscape. All around you see the enchanting blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Sikinos is one of the most untouched islands of the Cyclades. Only 300 permanent residents live on Sikinos, so do not expect luxurious tourist amenities or wild nightlife. Hence the island is attracting scores of tourists who wish to spend their days in a peaceful atmosphere, free from the hustle-bustle of the modern tourist spots.

The inhabitants of Sikinos lead a simple life, untouched by modernism. They hardly speak English, yet they show their warmth and hospitality towards the tourists who reach their land. Sikinos has two main villages, Kastro and Chora. Kastro is the largest village in Sikinos. The main attraction of this village is the maze paths. Chora is the capital of Sikinos, located 3,5 km from the port. Chora offers a superior landscape view with its unspoiled picturesque land and a trail of windmills.

The old houses and monasteries built on Sikinos give it the appearance of a typical Cycladic island. The white houses with flower boxes on the windows can be seen all over the island. The important archeological attraction is the ruins of an ancient settlement found just outside Episkopi.

Not to miss is also the charming Folklore Museum where a lot of artifacts are preserved. The ancient olive press building, where olive oil production was carried out in the ancient days, can be seen here. Sikinos today offers a lot for the tourists to explore. There are many interesting places to visit. Trekking along the remote and rocky paths of the island is an important tourist activity.

Sikinos is blessed with a number of beaches. The sandy beach at the port of Alopronia is a popular beach for swimming. Also, there are a few remote beaches, including Agios Georgios, Dialiskari and Agios Panteleimonas. These can be accessed from the harbor by a tour boat.