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Psili Ammos Beach Serifos: Psili Ammos is one of the most popular beaches on Serifos located on the east coast, at about 8 km north from the port of Livadi. The available options for reaching Psili Ammos are on foot, which takes around an hour from Livadi, or by moped, which rentals are available at the port as well.

Just take into account that the road there tends to be bumpy, although it is not very difficult and travelling this way saves a lot of time.

The name Psili Ammos means soft fine sand and it is definitely the right one, considering its features. In addition to this, the shallow crystalline waters and the tree-lined shore providing shade, make it a suitable beach for children. In fact, this beach has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Greece, but also in Europe according to the British newspaper Sunday Times.

The beaches of Lia and Agios Ioannis are also on the same line. In addition, between Psili Ammos and Livadi there are a couple of small sandy beaches, like Agios Sostis which is very peaceful and has the same good waters. In high season, it is possible to reach these beaches by water taxis departing from the port, which also lead to some nearby caves.

Referring to the available facilities, obviously such a beautiful beach cannot be passed by in commercial terms. That is why Psili Ammos beach counts on a couple of great taverns and also restaurants, that usually get crowded during the summer months, and good accommodation options. This beach is also chosen as an anchor point for yachts and sailboats coming to the island.

In terms of privacy, although Psili Ammos has many appealing features, in general it is not crowded to the point of bothering. Ultimately, during high season it may be necessary to walk along the coast for about 10 minutes towards Agios Ioannis in order to get some solitude. But keep in mind that this part has no tourist facilities, and tends to be exposed to the winds, which in this case may whip up from one moment to the other. Anyway, all these do not seem to stop naturists, as they usually occupy this area.

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