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General information

Megalo Livadi Beach Serifos: Megalo Livadi is about 11 km south west from Chora, the capital of Serifos. This beach consists of beautiful features like the crystal shallow waters and tamarisk trees that provide enough shade in the summer. One could say that it is a quiet sandy beach on a bay that used to be one of the main loading sites for the island mining industry in the past. The beach is also used to have a relevant port that developed an important role on the exportation activity of Serifos.

In fact, this beach site still keeps some traces of this ore loading dock. When it comes to facilities, Megalo Livadi beach counts on a few good taverns with tables beside the beach. When visiting Megalo Livadi, you can easily reach the beaches Koutalas and Ganema.

The location of these beaches constitutes opposite ends that form a bay with horseshoe shape, also at the south west coast of Serifos. Remember that they offer some good taverns as well, which in this case are very frequented by the yacht crews that usually anchor at close distance. Although the village of Megalo Livadi counts on some interesting sites, like the churches of Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis Prodromos, and Agios Nikolaos, apart from the already mentioned ones, its main attraction is the beach. In fact, the mentioned features regarding the waters, the trees, and the available facilities make this beach advisable even for families with young children.

On the other hand, the location of Megalo Livadi offers an extra benefit, especially useful in summer for the protection from the strong winds. This natural advantage is given because the village is placed on a deep bay.

Many families also take advantage of the crystalline waters, as they are great for doing a variety of water-sports, such as paddle-boating, windsurfing and water-skiing, apart from swimming.It is good to also take into account that all these benefits can be enjoyed at Megalo Livadi beach despite the fact of not being a tourist spot, which allows to enjoy certain privacy and get relaxed on a quiet environment, without having to suffer deprivations and scarifying comfortableness.

In addition, the main places that surround Megalo Livadi beach are available for visiting and, in case of planning a good schedule, they can be visited in a short period of time thanks to their convenient location.

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1 Review
  • yuridd5rf 02 Jul 2008
    Clean and quiet
    Megalo Livadi is probably the best beach on Serifos, where personally I didn't find great beaches. Megalo Livadi is just fifteen minutes drive from Chora. There is a bus going there but itineraries are quite rare. Also the driver may be a bit late, as there is traffic in Chora sometimes. Otherwise, the beach is clean and particularly quiet. There is much tree shade around, so you do not need to bring umbrellas of your own. Just a few supplies, like water or light food. If you don't, you can have a meal at the taverns there.