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Platys Gialos Beach Serifos: The beach of Platis Gialos has two small sandy bays underneath the village of Kentarchos, on the northern coast of Serifos, which allows including the visit to both locations on the same trip. Platis Gialos beach is small and sandy. Regarding its facilities, it counts on a tavern where to enjoy the sunset on a comfortable place along with a drink, without getting away from the beach.

Another good fact about this beach is its location, since the fact of having to make quite a trip in order to reach it does not mean it is remote. In fact, it gives the opportunity to enjoy other places nearby, such as the village of Galani with the Monastery of Taxiarchon, a great monument that worths a visit. This village can be visited before Platis Gialos beach when coming from Chora, the capital of the island.

The same road taken for this travel includes the village of Panagia, situated before Galani. Panagia is at 4 km from Chora, and is built at the side of a hill, which apart from giving a picturesque green surrounding allows for magnificent panoramic views of Serifos. The road to these locations is in pretty good conditions, although the last section that leads to Platis Gialos is not the best.

After Platis Gialos beach, you will meet the sandy beach of Sykamia. Sykamia is one of the biggest beaches of Serifos, and also quite remote. Keep in mind that in most cases the roads that lead to such remote locations are quite rough. However, those who seen privacy and solitude should take advantage of these areas.

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  • agiagnoli 15 Dec 2010
    No monk at sight
    Actually this is the only monastery we visited in Serifos and in fact we found it by chance on our drive around the island. It was early afternoon, the sun was shining and nobody seemed in sight. The front door was open and lead to a beautiful backyard. The flowers had just been watered but we saw no monk while we were there, or any other person in charge of the monastery. Just another couple tourists was with us on this visit. The church was small but nice, it gave a very solemn atmosphere. As it is located on a hill, you get nice views of the slopes and the sea. Sit under the shade of the trees in the yard and rest for a while. It will be very refreshing on a hot summer day.