Santorini Traditional Weddings

The Traditional Wedding of Santorini: Santorini is an island rich in culture and tradition, which can be seen on various occasions, such as marriage. The traditional marriage ceremony on Santorini would last for at least four days. Nowadays, most wedding costumes are not kept and the celebration is restricted to a ceremony in the church and a celebration afterward with traditional dancing. However, some decades ago, getting married meant a lot of procedures.

A marriage that time was arranged by parents and in many cases, the couple didn't know each other before the wedding. If a man was interested in a woman, he couldn't express his interest himself directly to her or her parents. Instead, he should have to send a matchmaker or his parents to ask for the girl's hand. If everyone agreed to this wedding, then the dot was arranged, as a contribution of the woman to the new household.

Weddings on Santorini would take place on Sundays. The Thursday before the wedding, girls would come to the bride's house to make sugar plums. Then they would throw these sugar plums and rise on the bride's bed, wishing her happiness in the marriage.

On the day of the wedding, the father of the groom would signal the start of the celebrations by shooting once. A woman would then go from door to door, inviting everyone to the wedding. Meanwhile, violists would play outside the best man's house and they would then move on to the groom's house. The entire party would then go to the bride's house, where the ceremony was conducted by a priest.

Before the ceremony, the priest would go to a near vineyard to cut garlands. Girls would decorate these vine garlands with lemon flowers and the priest would bless them. After the wedding, these garlands were kept in a box over the couple's bed and were buried with the person to die last.

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