Your Wedding in Greece & the islands 2024

Weddings in Greece are events that can easily be organized in this beautiful country. Many people choose this destination and especially the Greek islands to treat themselves with a really special wedding. One of the most preferred islands to organize your Greek wedding is, of course, Santorini island, and in fact, most weddings take place in the village of Oia or other caldera villages on the island. What is more romantic than getting married on the rim of a volcano and having the sea a hundred meters below?
Apart from Santorini, you can choose from a variety of islands for these kinds of ceremonies. If you have ever been witness to a real traditional wedding on the Greek islands, you will certainly still remember this unforgettable experience.

Organization of a wedding in Greece

Despite the beautiful and romantic side of weddings in Greece, there are some practical details regarding the wedding organization and may cause a real headache. The paperwork and other organization that has to be done include things such as:
- Translation of the birth certificate of the bride and groom
- Appointment with the major or finding a priest
- The official announcement of the wedding in the local newspaper
- Hotel bookings
- Reception
- Transportation
- Photography and videography
and other necessary but stressful details.

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Wedding Photography

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Types of weddings in Greece

Traditional weddings
Weddings in Greece usually take place during summer or at the end of it, in order to avoid the strong Mediterranean heat. Whether in the Cyclades, Dodecanese or Ionian Islands, traditional weddings cannot start without music, performed by professionals with traditional instruments and songs with humorous lyrics. The musicians are followed by a happy group consisting of the bride's and the groom's family members and friends. This company goes through the streets or the coast of the town, rather dancing than walking, stating the happy event and sharing it with the whole place. At the end of their route, the groom, the bride or both are taken by them among laughs and jokes to the church. The ceremony is usually followed by a celebration accompanied with big amounts of food, roasted meat, and wine, while all the guests are dancing in the strong music of the musicians until the sunrise and even later!

Civil weddings
Another option is getting married by a civil wedding and not a religious one. Having an idea of the traditional Greek weddings, you are free to choose whether you want a civil wedding, a religious one, or even a simple wedding under the stars, or in a tiny chapel where only you and your mate will exchange vows. In all cases, Greece is always offering the ideal place for committing the lives of two people who love each other.

Best wedding destinations in Greece

Another good reason for having your wedding in Greece is that you don't have to travel far for the honeymoon since you are already there! Some of the best and magical locations for your Greek wedding are Santorini island, Mykonos island, Rhodes island, Crete island, Corfu island and many more. The Greek islands can host the honeymoon you have dreamed of!
A new island that opened to weddings is also Naxos island. Weddings are now organized on a beautiful and picturesque chapel, Panagia Parthena, located on an islet, just 50 meters from the shore.
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