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Information about the local Products of Cyclades islands, in Greece but also information about local products in many islands of the group: The geographical position and the morphology of the Cycladic islands land contribute to the development of the agricultural economy, production and the food habits of the Aegean. The land of Cyclades is mainly mountainous and the climate is dry. The entire island complex is famous for many local products like fava, tomatoes, and meats. The dairy Cycladic products were widely spread all over Greece and some are even exported. Some of these products are: the kopanisti cheese of Syros island, Tinos island and Mykonos island (a traditional cheese), tyrokafteri the spicy cheese dip from Naxos island and many other kinds of cheese from the islands of the Cyclades.

The rocky Greek islands of Cyclades are characterized for their poor vegetation, covered with low bushes and greenery which give delicious thyme honey, a basic ingredient in the Cycladic diet and the main product used in most of the recipes. The exploitation of cultivated land from the local vine-dressers in the Cyclades has been the key to the rich wine tradition. The islands of Santorini island and Paros island specialize in the wine tradition, presenting many white wine varieties, like athiri and red wine, like mandilaria.

Of high interest are the traditional wines of Santorini and the strong wine Vinsanto. Andros, Tinos, and Naxos produce some excellent wines of great taste and quality and of course, there are many wineries in smaller islands in the Cyclades with rare varieties of grapes.

Despite the small number of main sources that islands produce in the Cyclades, the local cuisine impresses with its great variety, originality and its simplicity offering endless gastronomic surprises in the exotic seafood, casserole food and other recipes with vegetables or meat. The other food in the Cyclades has become the best for most of the islands and other villages and settlements. The sweet cuisine of Cyclades suggests some excellent spoon desserts and pies which accompany your morning or afternoon coffee. The products of Cyclades are famous for their excellent quality and strong taste.

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