Paros Tips & our Impressions

General information about Paros

Paros is a popular island in Greece. It has Cycladic architecture and numerous beautiful beaches. Parikia and Naoussa are the busiest places, Parikia due to its port and Naoussa due to its charm and vivid nightlife. The top beaches in Paros are found on the southeastern side and include Golden Beach and New Golden Beach (the two most famous windsurfing beaches) as well as Pounda (the party beach of Paros). Kolimbithres and Santa Maria beaches are close to Naoussa and very enchanting, too.

Our impressions

The island is very picturesque, dotted with hills, typical Cycladic churches, and nice bays. It is largely unspoiled, although the luxurious hotels near some beaches give an inconvenient view. The smaller villages in the inland seem stuck in a past life and are fascinating to explore. Lefkes is the most picturesque village in the center of Paros.

Paros also has a vivid nightlife, which is why many youth populations come for holidays. In fact, Paros, Mykonos, and Ios are the top nightlife spots in the Cyclades. If you go to Paros for a few days, you are advised to rent a car at least for a day to explore the island. Public transportation is good but it goes only to the most popular spots.

Practical advice and tips

Arriving at the port

The main port of Paros is located in Parikia, the island's capital. Outside the port, there is a bus station and a taxi rank. All passenger and commercial ferries arrive and depart from there, except for some ferry boats that operate routes to Antiparos island. If you don't want to travel from Parikia, you can get to Pounda port, which lies across Antiparos, and hop on a ferry boat from there. 

Arriving at the airport

The airport of Paros is located 8 km away from Parikia, close to Alyki. It receives many domestic flights from Athens during the summer season. Outside the airport lies a taxi rank.


Paros is a cosmopolitan island, not comparable to Santorini or Mykonos, though. Visitors can find both budget-friendly and upscale options regarding accommodation, restaurants and bars.

Road network

Roads in Paros are considered safe. They are paved with asphalt but note that in some areas become narrow (one line per direction). Travelers who plan on taking their motorbike with them or consider renting an ATV/scooter should be extra careful since accidents are not that rare during summer. 

Public transportation

Bus routes to popular areas start around 07.30 in the morning while some also conduct late-night drives during the high season. Note that timetables may change in summer, depending on the visitor's call for transport. The central bus station is located in Parikia, but there's a second station in Naoussa.