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Kolimbithres Paros: The beach of Kolimbithres is one of the most famous beaches of Paros and is located in the huge bay of Naoussa, or Plastira Bay. This beach is particularly impressive because of the huge blocks of granite boarding it, sculpted into strange smooth shapes by the sea and the wind over the centuries.

Small sandy coves are lining one after another, constituting the beach of Kolimbithres (whose name means swimming pools), and allowed, sometimes, to some lucky ones to have their own private tiny bay. Sun beds and umbrellas can be hired in some of the beaches and some water sports facilities are even available.

A few beach bars and taverns can be found along the road leading to the beach. Kolimbithres can be reached from the asphalted road (by local bus or private transportation) or by small fishing boats (caiques) which leave regularly from the port of Naoussa.

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Guest 2007-01
An optimal beach for families
Nationality: Austrian Age: 35 How did you get to Kolymbithres beach: By car Location of accommodation: Naoussa, Paros How much time did it take you to get to Kolymbithres beach: 5 minutes -What is the condition of the roads on the way to the beach: Very good -Was the trip to the beach enjoyable: Yes -Did the road to the beach have enough signs to guide you to it: It was perfectly indicated -Reasons for going to Kolymbithres beach: Saw pictures of it in internet site, recommended by internet site -Describe the beach: Clear waters, surrounded by cliffs, beautiful surroundings, beautiful views, proximity to a village, surrounded by commercial activities, clean, vegetation, natural shadow -What amenities was the beach close to: Water sports activities - Did it meet your expectations: Yes Rate: 10/10 - Favourite thing about Kolymbithres beach: Optimal for families - Is there anything that you don’t like about the beach or things that should be done by the authorities to ameliorate it or something missing: The water is not deep - Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: Come to Paros

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