Paros has become a very active island in the last years, so it has plenty of night entertainment options. Boasting an exciting nightlife with many drinking and dancing venues, it attracts tourists from all over the world, who wish to have fun, while enjoying Greek hospitality and a spectacular landscape.
Bars in Paros vary in style and you can surely find one to suit your taste. There are cafe-bars, lounge bars, bars with live music and exciting dance clubs. Prices of the drinks and cocktails are reasonable and the music ranges from classical, jazz, blues to mainstream, rock and traditional Greek

What are the best Bars in Paros? We have made a selection with the best 15 Bars in Paros and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

The majority of the bars in Paros are concentrated in the popular and cosmopolitan villages of Parikia and Naoussa. The beautiful seafront of Parikia is lined up with wonderful Paros' bars, where you can spend a relaxing evening and try delicious cocktails. Loud music and dancing can be enjoyed in the more lively bars on top of the village.

Naoussa is a more sophisticated nightlife spot, with an exciting party scene and lovely Paros' bars. Most of them are found at the port of Naoussa, in the river area, and stay open until morning. Paros' bars in Naoussa are frequented by many international and Greek young people. In the rest of the island, the nightlife is mostly lounge with fewer options, except some beach bars that are found in coastal areas and organize parties.

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