A Greek getaway without lasting, delicious tavern meals by the sea is surely incomplete. As with every other Greek island, an important part of your holiday in Paros should ideally be spent over a table full of local delicacies and warm conversations, accompanied by a glass of wine or ouzo. From Greek traditional tavernas to fancy restaurants, one thing is for sure: the culinary experience on the island leaves no one disappointed! During lunch or dinner time in Paros, you will have to choose from a plethora of places.

On a quick note: The best restaurants on Paros island that you should definitely not miss are: Statheros, Mario restaurant, Thalassa mou, Siparos, Soso & Halaris.
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Paros has always been a significant gastronomy destination. Its substantial tourist growth of the past 20 years has welcomed even more restaurants and awarded chefs on the island. Despite the millions of tourists visiting the island every year, Paros has successfully preserved its premium quality food, enriched the culinary scene with various cuisines and gourmet options, maintained traditional tavernas in less touristy villages, with pricing remaining fairly reasonable. The fact that Paros is a recurring holiday destination to many middle-class Greeks, some of whom may own a house on the island, has definitely helped prevent the spread of tourist traps.

Most of the finest restaurants are located in the two main towns of Parikia and Naoussa. In the fishing villages of Paros like Drios, Aliki, Ampelas, Piso Livadi and along the beachfronts, travellers can also find some lovely spots to taste fresh fish by the sea. Additionally in Lefkes, a picturesque village in the mainland of Paros, authentic tavernas serving local delicacies can be found.

On the menu of a Parian restaurant or tavern a plethora of meals from local recipes, experimental cuisine, traditional Greek dishes with a modern approach, to international (Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese) flavors can be found. Thanks to its numerous fishing villages, Paros has evolved one of the finest seafood scenes of the Cyclades, whereas the rich mainland provides delicious meat. Fresh fruit and vegetables are omnipresent since they are cultivated on the island or being imported by the very fertile neighbouring island of Naxos. Note that in Paros, many farmers or fishermen own a family restaurant aside from their main workplace. As a result, the farm-to-table or sea-to-table taverns are plenty on the island, providing the healthiest and freshest meals!

Many travellers may already be familiar with the classic Greek dishes of: mousakas, tzatziki, fried fish or calamari, ntakos salad, grilled sardines, grilled octopus, stuffed tomatoes “gemista”, courgette fritters “kolokithokeftedes”, fava beans puree and so many more. Expect to find these delicious, worldwide famous Greek dishes in the taverns’ menus. Additional mouth-watering local dishes can be found in Paros and we strongly recommend trying them out!

“Gouna” is by far the most popular local delicacy on the island of Paros. It is a mackerel fish, opened in the shape of a butterfly, dried with herbs under the hot Greek sun for hours and then grilled. Luckily it is hard to miss, as every tavern you come across features their oper-air drying process.
“Karavoloi” is another local dish with snails served in different ways. Some eat it with garlic puree (skordalia) or cook it with tomato sauce and onions. It is mainly served in the mountainous village of Lefkes but can be found in other Parian villages too. “Revithada” is a very healthy and delicious dish with chickpeas. Lasty, as in most parts of Greece, cheese and wine are locally produced and have their own characteristic aromas and unique flavors that are worth savouring.

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General info about restaurants in Paros

Meal times

Lunch time: 12:00 -17:00 / Dinner time: 18:00 - 24:00.
Note that in Greece, in general and especially during the summer season where days are longer, people eat late and meal times are very flexible. The average time for lunch is about 14:00 and for dinner around 21:00. But even if you arrive as late as 23:00 at the restaurant, the kitchen will still be operating and you will be served.


Although there are a plethora of good eating options on the island, a table reservation to successful restaurants especially in Naoussa during dinner time is recommended. If you travel to Paros during high season (July-August) don’t be surprised to need a reservation even 3 days in advance.


Tipping in Greece does not work by percentage. An average tip depending on how satisfied you are from the service is €2-5. Not leaving a tip at all is considered impolite.


Restaurants in Paros serve bottled still water by default. If you prefer sparkling water you can always ask for it.


Every restaurant, even a small tavern, has a menu in English. Some might have a menu in other languages as well (French, German, Italian). Also, the vast majority of people working in restaurants speak English (at least the basics) and communication is easy. They are also very eager to introduce you to the Greek cuisine and its ingredients.

Meze meal

As you will see on the menu, all the restaurants in Paros present their dishes by category: salads, appetisers, main dishes, fish, meat etc. If you are more than 2-3 people eating, you can ask to make a mixture of different main dishes and appetizers for the middle of the table and share them, instead of ordering one main dish per person. This is very common in Greece and you will see many Greeks eating and sharing their food. The reason is because Greek cuisine has a variety of delicious appetisers and you will want to try as much as possible.


In Paros, portions served at local taverns are considered quite generous and big. Also, note that meat dishes are usually accompanied by fried potatoes, rice or pasta.


Prices in restaurants vary but in general, Paros is considered affordable and of good value in terms of meals. Vegetables, meat and fish are fresh and of premium quality deserving every cent!