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Use our Car rental booking engine and book the best vehicle at the best price! Renting a car in Paros will allow you to discover the island easily and conveniently, without losing time and patience in public transportation.

About our car rental service offers car rentals from Paros Airport, Parikia Port & Town, Naoussa, and numerous other locations.
We ensure the lowest market prices and every assistance to our customers when looking for the best car rental on the island through our numerous collaborating rental agencies. Both local and major agencies operating in different areas of Paros are included in our partnership.

Additionally, you can choose to pick up the car from a place of your preference, for example from the port or airport, on the day you arrive. The agents can assist you with sightseeing and visiting suggestions and even provide you with a map; otherwise, you can request a GPS for an extra charge. Moreover, our Paros car rental partners provide a wide range of conveniences to our clients. An employee can deliver the car to your hotel, the port, or any other place upon request.

Why rent a car with Greeka?
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How do we get the best prices?
We cooperate with many car rental agencies in Paros, so we can get you the cheapest available car.

How does our service work?
Our system is not an instant booking system. We cooperate with several agencies as follows: We ask for the cheapest price from agency A. If it accepts it, you get your voucher. If it does not accept it, the request is sent to agencies B, C, or D until we get the best price for you.
What if no agency accepts the booking? In this case, we refund you the payment you made with us.

Some of our car rental prices in Paros

Mini, 3-5 doors From 15€*

Economy, 5 doors From 16€*

Compact, 5 doors From 18€*

Automatic - Mini, 2 doors From 23€*

* The above prices are per day, for 5-day rentals and more, during the low season

Why rent a car?

Paros is one of those islands where renting a car is optional and depends on the type of holidays you have planned. Due to the big number of young travelers visiting the island every year, the public bus transportation system (KTEL buses) is well-organiZed. Many daily schedules connect Parikia (the capital and port of Paros) with Naoussa (the second biggest town) and the most touristic places (beaches and villages) on the island. Water taxis are also a good option to visit beaches around the island. Furthermore, there are many accommodation options in central parts of Parikia and Naoussa, within a walking distance of the bus station.

Renting a car, motorcycle, or ATV is recommended for those who want to make a smooth exploration of the island, without having to follow the strict and crowded public bus timetables or relying on the availability of taxis at the moment needed. Paros has many places (especially on the mainland) that remain off the beaten track and are worth visiting. In Paros, it is very common among tourists to rent a car for some part of their holiday (2-3 days) in order to make those special explorations.

On some occasions a car rental is necessary. If you are traveling with your family and kids or a group of friends, then renting a car will be essential for your holidays. It will give you the freedom of moving around easily. Also, if your lodging is away from the centers of life (Parikia or Naoussa), a car will be necessary for your transportation. There are many beautiful hotels in different parts of the island at remote locations, where a car rental is considered necessary in order to approach the center of the town.

If you just want to organize specific transportation on the island in advance without renting a car, you can book a transfer with Greeka.

Note that Paros has a moderate size and distances do not exceed 30 minutes by car. The island provides a well-developed road network, offering visitors easy access to the surrounding villages and beaches. Renting a car is an ideal, time-saving investment that will also take you to fascinating unspoiled places.

Driving conditions

Driving in Paros is not considered very complicated compared to other islands. The biggest part of the island has a safe road network connecting most villages and beaches. During the high season, there might be some traffic on the most popular beaches.
You may notice a lack of road signs, but due to the island's average size, you can not get lost easily. Using GPS is always helpful. Also, take into consideration that there is hardly any street lighting during the night.

Available gas stations

After getting your car, make sure to check the fuel tank and confirm whether it uses Diesel or Unleaded. Upon returning the car you will be asked to deliver it with a full fuel tank. There are more than 16 gas stations around the island (i.e. Shell, Avin, Eko, Aegean, and others). Many of them are located around Parikia and Naoussa, but some lie in other places as well.


Parking in Paros is not considered a challenging task. Note that cars are not permitted inside the villages where the center of life is. This part is only accessible to pedestrians, but there are a few public parking lots around the area where you can leave your car and continue on foot. However, in the evenings and especially during dining hours, the parking lots are busier, so finding a place to park might take some time. These parking areas are indicated with a blue sign depicting a “P” letter in a square.
Parking on the street is usually allowed unless there is a no-parking sign. Make sure that you are not blocking the traffic, though, especially the bus street routes.

What to do & see with a car?

Apart from saving you time and providing you comfort when it comes to moving around the island, renting a car will also give you the chance to discover the most famous beaches and villages but also less known parts of this Cycladic beauty.
Some of them are:

  • Lefkes: A lovely mountainous village in the mainland of Paros, which used to be the capital of the island. When you finish strolling around its paved alleys, you can sit for a coffee or a glass of ouzo with meze at the picturesque square and feel like a local.
  • Marpissa: It is one of the few authentic villages of Paros built amphitheatrical on the hill of Kefalos, just above Piso Livadi, 18 km southeast of Parikia. It has a very well-preserved Cycladic architecture and offers amazing views of the island.
  • Prodromos: Another very quiet traditional village that you can visit if you rent a car. White-washed houses, chapels, and bougainvillea trees make this village so special.
  • Ancient marble quarries: The place where one of the finest varieties of marble is found. The Parian marble was much preferred by renowned ancient Greek sculptors due to its transparency and fine consistency. The quarries are not operating anymore, but the place remains spectacular and is open to visitors.

Some Local Car Rental Agents

K & K Car Rental

K & K Car Rental

This is a car rental company with several branch offices in Athens, Halkida, and Antiparos. Their new customer service point is located in Parikia. K&K Car rental ltd has a fleet of forty new cars from different groups such as small cars, luxury jeeps, and mini buses. There are also luxury cars for rental such as jeeps and SUVs.
Chaniotis Car & Moto Rental

Chaniotis Car & Moto Rental

This small, family car rental company has two branch offices on the island, one in the small village of Aliki and a second one located by the port of Parikia. They offer a variety of new cars and jeeps while their fleet also includes bikes, scooters, quad bikes, buggies, and bicycles.
Paros European Rent

Paros European Rent

Paros European Rent was founded in 1989 in Parikia. Their large fleet includes a variety of cars, such as economy cars, family cars, and jeeps. They also offer rental services for motorbikes, scooters, quads, and bicycles.
Notos Rent a Car

Notos Rent a Car

Notos Rent a Car is located on the main square of Parikia. Their fleet includes a wide range of vehicles from small compact cars to large family cars, 4x4 jeeps, and even automatic cars. Furthermore, the cars can be delivered to Paros airport or to Paros port. Vehicles for special events, like limousines, are also available.


Karent is a car rental company operating on the island since 2008 and has two branch offices. The first one is situated at the Port of Paros while the second lies on the ring road of Parikia. Their fleet includes small cars, big family cars, and minibusses as well. They also offer delivery of their cars to any location on the island and to Antiparos upon request and for an extra service fee.
Loukis Rentals

Loukis Rentals

Loukis Rentals have been operating in the field of car rentals since 1985, making it one of the oldest car rental companies in Paros. Their main office is situated on the ring road of Parikia while a branch office lies at Paros Airport. They boast different types of vehicles such as small cars, roadsters, jeeps, and large family cars. Their fleet includes a variety of motorbikes and bicycles, too.


This car & motorbike rental company was founded in 1989 and now boasts three branch offices, all located in Naoussa. The first one is situated at the entrance of the village, the second one in the center of it, and the last one in the area of Agioi Anargiroi. Their fleet of vehicles includes economy cars, family cars, and 4x4 jeeps. The company also provides motorbikes, bicycles, and quad rental services.
Iria Rent a Car

Iria Rent a Car

This is a car rental company operating in Parikia, situated on the road along the seaside. The fleet of Iria Rent a Car consists of a variety of cars such as economy cars, family cars, and jeeps. Furthermore, luxury cars are available for rent.

Ballos Rent a Car

Ballos Rent a Car has its main office in Naoussa. Their fleet consists of an array of modern vehicles, including categories such as economy, jeeps, and minibusses. Moreover, there is a desk of Ballos Rent a Car inside the office of Polos tours in Parikia, right next to the port. Vehicle delivery is possible to any village on the island.

Yours Car Rental

Yours Car Rental has its main office in the center of Athens, but it also has branch offices in Paros port and Naoussa. Their fleet consists of a wide range of car types, such as small cars, economy cars, compact cars, jeeps, mini or family automatic cars, and even minibusses.


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