Mykonos Beach Golf

Beach Golf in Mykonos: One of the perennial favorites with the beach aficionados is the innovatively structured Beach Golf which has become quite a rage with both amateurs and professional golfers alike. There is just one huge bunker from the tee zone to the pin. A lot of thought has gone towards the evolution of this rather new form of golfing and as a rule Beach Golf is always held during the winter months so as not to disturb the discerning beach bums who folk to the picturesque beaches of Mykonos.

Since it is basically a winter sport, golfers have to encounter the elements while chopping the ball on the main course. Beach Golfing comes with its fair share of hazards unknown to most golfers and therein lie the fun and excitement. During the winter season, the beach shacks are more often than not empty and there is always that nip in the air. Most golfing enthusiasts find this sport funny which is one of the reasons why many golfing enthusiasts are taking to this sport with a lot of panache.

Essentially, Beach Golf is one hole and one tee affair. The number of times the process is repeated entirely depends upon the whims and fancies of the game warden. Ideally, a game of Beach Golf extends right up to the edge of the beach and back. The golfer who has the fewest strokes invariably goes on to win the game.

There are certain rules, which have been incorporated so as to benefit the golfers. For instance, golfers are requested to choose the drink that is going to be served on a mutually agreeable basis. What is more, each golfer can take recourse to only 6 irons or at the most 7 irons. Add to it the fact that there are no facilities for drivers and putters.

Equally surprising is the rule that one can modify the location of the ball's place to a maximum of one foot. The same rule is applicable in the case of leveling of the facade. The most amusing part is when the ball is lost in the waters. Any idea what rule is applicable? Well, in this case, the golfer who was responsible for the ball's disappearance in the waters will owe all the competitors a drink and an additional stroke. Of course, you will be provided with 5 minutes to fetch the ball from the waters.

Furthermore, a ball may be relocated in case of any vulnerability to a maximum of 2 club lengths. Many golfers find the rule that each stroke count must be acknowledged well before the schedule. To further assist in putting the area between the hole and the course of the ball one is allowed to clean and mop up to a maximum of two-club length. Keeping with its fun quotient, Beach Golf allows competitors to go for a drink break with mutual consent.