Mykonos Kopanisti Cheese

Kopanisti, the local cheese from Mykonos: Kopanisti is a typical spicy cheese that originates from Mykonos and is highly preferred for its unique taste. It is an ideal accompaniment to ouzo, the famous Greek beverage. Kopanisti can be mixed with butter or another white cheese to achieve a lighter flavor.
Its creamy texture and white color are what make it so tasty.

Although that type of cheese is produced in almost all Cycladic islands, the Kopanisti of Mykonos is the most renowned version. It is a manually-made soft, spicy cheese with a color that ranges from white to sugar white. The milk used is either cow milk or a mixture of sheep and goat milk. It requires months of fermentation and, during that period, adding more milk may also be needed.

Kopanisti has a Protected Denomination of Origin and its industrial production is forbidden.