Mykonos Local products

Among the most famous products of Mykonos are homemade sausages (flavored with spice, oregano, pepper, and olives, dried in the open air) and the Louza (consisting of pork shoulder blade seasoned with spices, pepper, oregano, and olives that is then put in the piglet's intestine and dried in the open air for half a month). Louza is served in thin slices with a snack.
Another product is the famous Kopanisti, a soft spicy cheese made of a mixture of goat's and cow's milk.
Some of the famous recipes are onion pies made with the local tyrovolia cheese and siglino, a flavorful piece of pork preserved in fat.
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The amygdalota pastries, made in all Cycladic islands, and based on almonds, are also available.

The island is also renowned for its handmade jewelry and traditional handmade textile created by the local women's corporation. The textile tradition dates from the Medieval ages and continues until today.