Mykonos Local products

Among the most famous products of Mykonos are the: homemade sausages (flavored with spice, oregano, pepper, and olives, dried in the open air), onion pies made with the tasty local Tyrovolia cheese, excellent seafood, Siglino (a tasty piece of pork preserved in fat) and the excellent Louzes (consisting in pork shoulder blade seasoned with spices, pepper, oregano, and olives. Then it is put in piglet's intestine and dried in the open air for half a month. It is served in thin slices with a snack and the famous Kopanisti which is a kind of soft spicy cheese made of a mixture of goat's and cow's milk.)

The well-known Amygdalota, which can be found in all Cyclades, are sweats made of almond.

The island is also very popular for its handmade jewelry found in the many shops but also the traditional textile made by the local women corporation. The textile tradition dates from Medieval times and continues till today.