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Mykonos news

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Ancient drama on Delos

Sep 04, 2009 — Sep 04, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
It is one of the rare times that the ancient theatre of Delos, the sacred island close to Mykonos, will host a theatrical performance on September 4th.
Posted on Aug 31, 2009 Category: Events

1st Festival of Traditional Dances

Sep 05, 2009 — Sep 06, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The Prefecture of Cyclades, the Municipality of Mykonos and the Association of former Asia Minor Residents of Mykonos coorganize the 1st Festival of Traditional Dances from Aegean and Asia Minor.
Posted on Aug 25, 2009 Category: Events

Exhibition about Armenistis Lighthouse

Jul 11, 2009 — Jul 26, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The history of the legendary lighthouse of Mykonos, Armenistis, will be presented in an exhibition that will take from July 11-26 in the actual site of the lighthouse.
Posted on Jul 01, 2009 Category: Events

Feel the electronic vibe in Cavo Paradiso

• Cyclades, Mykonos
It has become famous all over the world as one the must clubs to go on Mykonos. The electronic sounds of Cavo Paradiso perfectly match the wild sense of Mykonos, the most vibrating island of the Mediterranean Sea, the island where night never sleeps…
Posted on May 27, 2009 Category: Interviews

Sterilization program for animals

• Cyclades, Mykonos
The association Friends of Animals of Mykonos has announced that sterilization programs are about to start soon with the local veterinarian.
Posted on Apr 28, 2009 Category: News

Sculpture Exhibition in Chora

Apr 16, 2009 — Apr 23, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The Scuplture Exhibition 10TOGO was inaugurated yesterday evening in Mykonos Chora.
Posted on Apr 21, 2009 Category: Events

Vortex by Scala Shop Gallery

Apr 11, 2009 — May 10, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
Scala Shop Gallery in Mykonos inaugurates its summer season 2009 with the exhibition Vortex of the artist Giorgos Kipris. The exhibition will last till May, 10th.
Posted on Apr 13, 2009 Category: Events

Music Festival in Grypario Centre

Apr 03, 2009 — Apr 04, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
A two day Music Festival will be held in the Grypario Cultural Centre of Mykonos by Students of Conservatories.
Posted on Apr 02, 2009 Category: Events

Celebration for 100 years of Ritsos birth

Mar 31, 2009 — Mar 31, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
On Tuesday, March 31st, a festival will be held to honor the Greek poet Giannis Ritsos. With the occasion of the 100 years from his birth, the Municipal Company for the Cultural Promotion and Development of Mykonos organizes an evening dedicated to him.
Posted on Mar 30, 2009 Category: Events

Workshop of gold found on Delos

• Cyclades, Mykonos
An ancient workshop of gold was recently found on the island of Delos, the sacred island of god Apollo, close to Mykonos. This discovery was done by the archaeologist Mr P. Hatzidakis during works on the island to grave some paths for the visitors.
Posted on Mar 18, 2009 Category: News

4th Cooking and Pastry Competition

Mar 13, 2009 — Mar 13, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The 4th Cooking and Pastry Competition will take place today evening at 06.00 p.m. in the room of multiple usages of the High School in Petinaros, on Mykonos island.
Posted on Mar 13, 2009 Category: Events

Day of woman with the Duchess

Mar 07, 2009 — Mar 07, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The Cultural and Folklore Association of Women in Mykonos, celebrating the International Day of Woman, is presenting on Saturday, March 7th, the film "The Duchess" (2008).
Posted on Mar 06, 2009 Category: Events

Club Cavo Paradiso receives award

• Cyclades, Mykonos
Cavo Paradiso, the most famous club of Mykonos, was awarded two weeks ago by the international publishing orgain a Tourism Exhibition in Spain for its contribution in Clubbing Industry.
Posted on Feb 23, 2009 Category: News

Cultural Meeting in Grypario Centre

Feb 14, 2009 — Feb 15, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The Cultural Women Association of Mykonos in cooperation with the Scientific and Educational Foundation of Cyclades are organizing in Grypario Centre a meeting on Papers and Surveys on Mykonos.
Posted on Feb 11, 2009 Category: Events

Carnival Party for children and adults

Feb 08, 2009 — Feb 08, 2009 • Cyclades, Mykonos
The Association of Parents of the 1st and 2nd Nursery School of Mykonos Chora is organizing a Carnival Party for young and older children.
Posted on Feb 05, 2009 Category: Events

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