Workshop of gold found on Delos

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An ancient workshop of gold was recently found on the island of Delos, the sacred island of god Apollo, close to Mykonos. This discovery was done by the archaeologist Mr P. Hatzidakis during works on the island to grave some paths for the visitors. Inside the workshop, there were some golden jewerly, rings and earrings in particular, that remained untouched since the ancient times. The findings were detected along the Street of the Lions, the ancient path that connected the port of Delos to the temple of god Apollo. Close to the workshop of gold, the head of a statue was also found and a statue of goddess Aphrodite with some signs of colour on it, which proves the existence of a painter's atelier on Delos. Next to the workshop, the archaeologists excavated some other buildings that were probably selling wine and food. One can easily imagine the marketability of this road, where pilgims to the temple of Apollo were coming from all over the Meditarranean to pay their homage. Before they leave, they would buy presents from the workshops and supplies for their long journey back home.