Ancient drama on Delos

Sep 04, 2009 — Sep 04, 2009 • Category: Events
It is one of the rare times that the ancient theatre of Delos, the sacred island close to Mykonos, will host a theatrical performance. On September 4th, the play Wrenches of Euripides, a co-production of Agrinio Theatre and the Athens Festival, will be presented in this small, fragile theatre with view to the port and the ancient site of Delos, the holy island of the ancient Greeks, where according to the myth god Apollo had been born. The play will be presented in Greek and consists of parts of lost works of Euripides, the famous Athenian playwriter. Only 19 plays of Euripides have survived centuries as a whole, while many parts of other plays have reached present days. Many of these parts have been translated from ancient Greek and have been formed as a whole play. The small theatre, where once religious ceremonies and political meetings would take place, will be cleaned and open to host this play under the moonlight.