Mykonos Vase

The vase of Mykonos is an ancient amphora, like plenty of other amphorae found in Greek territory and around the world.
The special thing about the vase is that it is the oldest object of ancient Greek art, as it dates from around 670 BC. It was discovered by a resident of Mykonos while he was digging a well.

At first, he didn't report the discovery to the Archaeological Service or the police authorities, as he was afraid that the state would expropriate his field to look for more antiquities. However, an archaeologist saw by chance some fragments of the vase and that is how the earliest Greek amphora became known.

The vase is decorated with a very typical theme of ancient Greek art - scenes from the Trojan War.
In particular, it depicts the huge Trojan Horse, the Greek soldiers that would come out of it, and the massacre that followed, during the destruction of Troy and the killing of its people.

Guests can admire the vase at the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, where it is on display.